Red Brick Films specializes in creating engaging video content for small businesses who want to tell their story to a wider audience using social media and the web


Elevator Pitch Videos

Elevator Pitch Videos, or EPVs, are pretty much exactly what they sound like. These days you have a very short time to capture your viewer's attention, and a 30-60 second EPV is the perfect way to pique their curiosity in your business, product or services without giving them the chance to click away to some other website. Highly engaging and quick paced, these videos are a great introduction into the video marketing sphere and can be built on for other projects

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Brand Films

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Brand Films are for businesses who need to showcase their entity to a broad audience. and want to really tell the story of their business. Brand Films can be used to introduce a new business to their targeted demographic, or to rebrand an existing business that is updating their business model or moving in a new direction, or would like to better explain who and what they are as a company.


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Real Estate

 Documentaries are geared towards charities and are powerful tools to promote your vision and purpose to a wide audience and create enormous emotional engagment to possible supporters, donors and volunteers to inspire them to contribute to your worthy cause. These are passion projects that require a lot of planning, pre-production, days of shooting and post production. But they are so, so worth it!

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